The Robotic Engineer

      The Robotic Engineer

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Bring your Coffee cup. Drink a cup of coffee while you watch what goes on at the camp. Trevon Branch will join you with his coffee cup as well. Sit back and relax while you take pleasure in your coffee. You will register immediately.

Bring a Coffee cup and watch the camp in action

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The different sessions are not in any type of sequential order.

Campers begin and end each session where they feel comfortable.

Campers may be signed up for more than one session.

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A Day to observe the camp. Have a morning coffee. We provide the coffee cup.
Bring a coffee cup to any of the Trevon Branch camps. We will meet you in the morning with our own coffee mug. Sip your coffee and talk to any of our staff. We will provide a variety of coffee and creamers. You can watch the kids play soccer or partake in a variety of STEM activities. As you relax before work you can enjoy a conversation while getting prepare for your day. We can provide you with pamphlets as you walk around the facilities with your hot cup of Java. Don’t worry! The campers are not drinking coffee and we do not require that you consume any beverage. We only want you to feel at ease and welcome as you get a feel for our Robotics Camps. If you forgot your own we will provide you with a cup of coffee. The kids have even constructed robots that will carry a coffee cup directly to your chair. The line following robots can be fitted with a coffee carrying attachment that carries any size coffee cup you require. You want a cup or a mug? No Problem. The kids have engineered a variety of coffee cup transporting machines. Sit back and relax. This is part of our morning ritual. We expect visitors and prepare accordingly. If you don’t want coffee we also have an assortment of teas. We have coaches that specialize in all areas of STEM. Inside you will find a number of classrooms with a variety of STEM educational instruction. Mechanical and electrical engineering are two of the favorite courses. Refill your coffee mug and watch the young engineers design and build a variety of exciting contraptions. The scientist Program the robots to perform a variety of tasks. The can teach you how their code was created to ensure that the coffee carrying robots followed the correct path to bring you your morning beverage. Don’t like coffee? We have a number of juices we can share with you. Snack on a bagel or muffin while you converse. If you are not interested in any of the camps that is ok. We are glad you came and witnessed the educational excitement. Share the experience with others. Contact us later if you plan to register. We will save you a space.

There are robot soccer clinics for every person. Trevon Branch teaches proficiency such as passing and shooting in California. Our robot classes and clinics integrate soccer as well. Robots that offer a fun way to attain coding abilities. Students work in groups to accomplish stimulating missions that grow partnership and group familiarities. The learners in the engineering and soccer programs learn leadership expertise while enjoying the programs! Trevon Branch soccer Los Angeles, Hollywood, California.