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Pics and Testimonials Page 2

"Thank you for the this wonderful class.Your class gave my son a quick peek into hands on robotics and programming which can be daunting to any young child.

My son found your class very interesting and quite fun. We are definitely coming back next summer."


Ann M.      Parent of 7th grader

"Joel absolutely LOVES the camp. Usually he is slow getting up in the morning, especially during the summer. However, he is quick to get up and attend. THANK YOU!"


Parent of 8th grader

"Thanks so much! This was such a great camp!"


Parent of 4th grader

"Thanks so very much. My son had an absolutely wonderful week..."


Parent of 5th grader


"I think that the best part of camp was that we were allowed to explore and test all of the robots we wanted, at least, if we had time. I also liked how he made challenges and there were different ways to do them, so if you did not want to make a long program you could make a shorter version.  Some of the robots you could make were very fun and/or interesting. Robotics is also very fun I think you should try it."


Sara 6th grader

"One of the best experiences our son had all summer!  He didn't want Robotics Camp to end."


Parent of 6th grader


"It's been a really fun experience to build and program the robots.  My favorite part so far has been the sumobot competitions!"


7th grader



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