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Some pictures  of camp: (page 1)

"I liked programming and using the joysticks the most."


Daniel A

(6th grader)

robot games

"It's been a really fun experience to build and program the robots.  My favorite part so far has been the sumobot competitions!"


6th grade Camper

"My son comes home every day energized and excited to tell me about what they did in Robotics camp. I was amazed that on the very first day, campers could already work with and program robots! This camp is an excellent combination of learning while having fun."


Parent of 7th Grader

"I was skeptical at first but it turned out to be really really fun."


Nick S. 7th Grader

"I absolutely love this camp."


Nick A. 7th Grader

I was surprised at how much building, programming, and operating you were able to fit into each day! My son enjoyed the flexibility of working individually or in groups, so each camper could work at their own level. It was a great air-conditioned week to prevent summer brain drain, and a big bonus that my son had so much fun all day! Of course, his favorite part was the challenges!“


Parent of 6th grader

"Ryan loves this Robotic Camp, meeting new friends and tackling new challenges daily!" 


Roy Joseph, M.D.

"I love how this camp

challenged my

knowledge of engineering."


Sophia (4th grader)

There are robot soccer clinics for every person. Trevon Branch teaches proficiency such as passing and shooting in California. Our robot classes and clinics integrate soccer as well. Robots that offer a fun way to attain coding abilities. Students work in groups to accomplish stimulating missions that grow partnership and group familiarities. The learners in the engineering and soccer programs learn leadership expertise while enjoying the programs! Trevon Branch soccer Los Angeles, Hollywood, California.
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