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Maryland Kids Summer Camp: STEM - Robotics, Engineering & Game Play
Maryland Kids Summer Camp
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Our software and

our own education

comes from the premier

robotics academy

in the country:

Carnegie Mellon

Robotics Academy!

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• Robotics is the premier integrator in education today.

• Robotics allows a teacher to talk about design, innovation, problem solving, and teamwork at the same 
time they are talking about math, science, and technology; robotics puts academic concepts in context.

• People of all ages are fascinated as a robot moves around an environment seemingly making decisions on its own.

• The skill sets students learn as they work with robotics can easily be transferred to careers and professions.

• The study of robotics allows the teacher to introduce or reinforce many applied physics concepts.

• Robotics provides excellent teaching examples of the concept of systems and subsystems.

• Robotics is a multi-billion dollar emerging industry that the US must lead if we are to maintain our standard of living.



Whether You're An Amateur Roboticist Yourself Or Want To Give Your Children A Chance To Be High-Tech Prodigies With Their Building Blocks, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Is Fantastic. (


Robot Virtual Worlds Is A High-End Simulation 
Environment That Enables Students, Without Robots, To Learn Programming. 
Research Has Shown That Learning To Program In The RVW 
Is More Efficient Than Learning To Program Using Physical Robots. 

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